Ubisoft Feedback Program

Giving Effective Feedback Program - Short Intro

Custom-designed for Ubisoft Bulgaria

From Dynamix Lab’s eLearning Team:

Alongside the process of designing the program for Giving Effective Feedback, the team of Dynamix Lab has  put together a short video that we think you will enjoy. We have included 3 title suggestions for the training program at the end of the clip.

We are thrilled to present our video content creation expertise and customized eLearning capabilities, specifically designed to create fully customized eLearning programs based on the content, discussions, and activities covered during the live training sessions. 

Our aim is to provide a continuous, dynamic and engaging learning experience that follows the live sessions and builds upon the specific discussed topics and examples. The resulting eLearning solutions are thus fully tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the participants.

We hope that this video gives you a taste of the kind of creativity and innovation that we bring to our corporate training programs.

We hope you will enjoy the video!