The training models are aimed at identifying and removing internal barriers and blind spots, which might hinder the opportunities for full implementation of the capacity and objectives, or in other words, of achieving the best version of each of us. The goal of the transformation is to achieve lasting and measurable positive results in the people I work with.

One of the foundations of DynamiX Lab training programs is the differentiation between horizontal and vertical development where horizontal means the acquisition of new skills, whereas vertical is construed as the development in depth of individual potential to achieve qualitatively significant levels of mastery.

The process of designing and customizing the structure of the training programs is based on the principles grounded within Design Thinking and is entirely directed at identifying and targeting the specific needs of the organization through tailor made solutions.

You can see a list of the tools below:





 Drilling machines


 Role play

 Energizing and opening activities

 Debriefing and event analysis

  Presentation of theoretical models