Presentation skills & Public Speaking

The training program is focused on developing skills for effective presentation of ideas in front of people – from a personal contact between two people or a presentation to a small team, to presentations in front of large audiences.

Two major dimensions and skill levels for successful presentation are discussed and trained- fundamental presentation techniques on the one hand, and adaptability, improvisation and flexibility, on the other. The category of fundamental techniques includes:

 defining and formulating the precise objectives of the presentation and the expected results

 preparing a structured plan containing the key elements of a successful presentation

 effective visual and content structuring and shaping of the presentation

 analysis of the audience- types of audiences and their dynamics

 techniques for attracting and managing the focus of the audience

 behavior in front of the audience – mastering techniques for effective use of body language, as well as the voice

The above listed techniques and tools are fundamental, because, after perfecting them, they become the basis for the construction of essential skills for the effective presentation of ideas – adaptability, improvisation and flexibility, which include:

 building resonance between behavior, the presentation process and the essence of the content

 behavioral flexibility and improvisation mastery – overcoming unexpected issues and situations, managing the audience

 constructing an emotional map of the presentation – stress and anxiety management

 establishing rapport with the audience

 actively engaging the audience and achieving the core objectives of the presentation