Managing Emotions 3.0

Managing Emotions 3.0 - Interactive Online Video Training Course

The ability to find and create solutions to the constantly evolving problems that we face is based on the inner drive of the individual and the internal motivation of the teams and their accumulated power within the organization as a whole.

The process of igniting the inner drive is in the basis of the capacity to effectively adapt and cope with multifarious obstacles and high levels of stress. For this reason, the design of this interactive video course on effective emotional management is based around the idea that the most memorable ideas inspire, entertain and motivate, as in this utmost challenging environment inspiring positive change has become a critical factor in achieving our individual potential and goals.

The etymology of the notion ‘to inspire’ finds its roots in the Latin language and can be translated into English as ‘to excite, inflame or animate with an idea or purpose’. In this context, the objective of the course is based on the most up-to-date scientific research and technologies to inspire, inflame and animate new motivation and enthusiasm for achieving and exceeding our individual, as well as our team goals for the upcoming year.

The belief that innovators rise in times of crisis underpins the need for constantly improving and acquiring new skills. Thus, the sessions focus on some of the most up-to-date techniques and strategies necessary to deal with ambiguity, change and intensive stress in the current global pandemic and VUCA world.

The course includes:

  • more than 3 hours of video content
  • a large variety of interactive exercises and tests
  • individual and group activities
  • ‘homework’ tasks and challenges after each section
  • PDF documents with techniques, strategies and models for emotional management
  • a comprehensive list of all crucial books, research papers, scientific articles and other materials with information on the topic
  • option to receive internationally valid  certificate from the Austrian Training Agency 1BC (*this option requires the achievement of specific theoretical and practical knowledge levels by following a validation framework)

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