Relationship management – emotional and social intelligence

The training program maps and analyzes vital elements for processes optimization on the personal, team and organizational levels – decision-making, communication, as well as cognitive processes. The focus of the training is understanding, mastering and managing relationships through the mastery of emotional processes.

The optimization of interpersonal relationships is a key component of successful business processes and maximized productivity. The effective utilization of skills and techniques that contribute to a deeper understanding and managing of the emotional state directly lead to measurably higher productivity and performance levels.

The results of the training program Relationship management – emotional and social intelligence include:

 increasing individual performance and responsibility

 improving the emotional and working climate within the organization

 optimizing decision-making processes

 developing a team spirit and a sense of belonging

 constructive conflict resolution

 reduction of stress and anxiety

 improving communication on a personal and team level

 reducing the costs of staff turnover

 improving the general sense well-being of individuals and teams

 unlocking employee initiative and creative potential