Dynamix training™

Dynamix Training™ is a holistic and flexible training solution that includes a variety of topics, tools and activities integrated in the professional training process.

The training program is aimed at developing the personal, team and organizational capacity through methodology and techniques applied in practice by leading Fortune 500 companies.

The comprehensive menu of solution programs enables the selection of the most accurate and necessary tools to achieve the specific organizational objectives. The solutions can be tied to an existing model within the company or selected against the specific business needs of the organization.

The training program focuses on optimizing the performance on individual, as well as team and organizational levels. Тhe barriers to achieving optimal results are analyzed through the lens of the latest and most up-to-date business and scientific models.

The training takes a sophisticated and integrative approach at the multi-dimensional aspects of Leadership, rather than a simple and incomplete one-dimensional perspective on the phenomenon through looking only at leadership behaviors or even authentic, situational, compassionate or servant leadership. Unless we pay attention to all the existing dimension, we will never be able to achieve our full leadership potentials.

The specific objectives of the training are defined in the process of designing the program after the identification, mapping and analysis of the specific needs and characteristics of the organization. The approach is based on the principles of Design thinking and aims at finding the best solutions as opposed to the easy one through the construction of a completely customized and tailor made solution.  Some of the objectives of the training are:

achieving sustainable growth and a boost in the productivity at both individual and organizational levels

improving the emotional and working climate within the organization

optimizing the internal communication processes and relationships

improving the quality of decision-making processes

reducing stress and anxiety levels and their negative consequences on employee effectiveness

unlocking the untapped potential of individuals and teams

increasing employee satisfaction and motivation