Corporate culture and strategy

“Any strategy is better than no strategy. And yet some firms don’t appear to have a strategy.”

Michael Porter

The training program Corporate culture and strategy focuses on optimizing the use of resources within the organization in a dynamic competitive environment. The abilities and skills for strategic thinking and defining objectives, as well as proper planning beyond the available resources and organizational conditions is fundamental to the successful development of the company. Effective strategic definition is often the difference between a profitable and a stagnant business model.

Even though the executives in an organization may understand the concepts vision, purpose, mission, strategy, values, beliefs, ambitions and culture, they often may find it difficult to distinguish between the business concepts and their significance, which invariably affects the effectiveness of communicating these concepts down the hierarchy ladder to the employees.

The topics within the training program Corporate culture and strategy include:

 the essence of strategy and its differentiation of Operational efficiency
 types of strategic positioning and segmentation
 types and scope of business strategy
 development of strategic options
 elements and levels of the value chain
 analysis of the five competitive forces that define strategy
 two-stage analysis of corporate culture, its elements and manifestations
 analysis and evaluation of the compatibility between strategy and culture