Alexander Balabanov

Corporate Trainer and Performance Coach

My focus is creating positive transformations on personal, team and organizational levels, which lead to unlocking and tapping into the hidden potential and achieving the best version of both ourselves and the organizations in which we work. My passion is supporting the growth process and the development of opportunities for peak performance. My goal is not to satisfy the needs of my clients, it is to amaze them!

I follow an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the latest developments in business practice, as well as in the scientific and academic worlds. I implement multi-component models and methodologies that cover different dimensions and directions of development, where the goal is to find the right and not the easy solution.

The training model is interactive and is based on involving and engaging the audience in the process, as opposed to the inert consuming of information. Thus through methods of ‘experiential learning‘, the participants become an active and dynamic element of the process, and not just a passive spectator. This approach ensures long-term and sustainable results and creates a stimulating and pleasant learning environment.

My professional and academic path…

The interdisciplinary model that I follow is a direct result of my international academic and professional career. I finished my education in the United Kingdom and gained extensive experience in the corporate world as a marketing manager and business analyst and consultant. I lead workshops, seminars and trainings in English and in Bulgarian in companies of various sizes and in various business sectors.

I see development as a process and not an end point and therefore I do not stop developing my own skills and knowledge and seeking to acquire new. I specialized in international programs for trainers and business coaches in Cyprus, Romania, Portugal and Turkey, as well as in annual international projects and forums.

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The approach of the training programs encompasses methodologies, concepts and techniques based on the most up-to-date holistic scientific research in business, as well as in academia. The model follows:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”