About DynamiX Lab

DynamiX Lab is a project focused on creating a positive transformation on the individual, team and organizational level. The process aims at identifying and removing internal barriers and blind spots, which appear as obstacles to the opportunities for fully implementing our capacity and attaining our goals, or in other words, achieving the best version of ourselves. The aim of the transformation is to achieve lasting and measurable positive results in the people we work with.

The approach of the training programs is dynamic and interdisciplinary and the methodologies, concepts and techniques that are used, are based on the latest most up-to-date holistic scientific research, both in business and academia. For more information about the Tools and techniques, please see the section here.

One of the foundations of the training programs at DynamiX Lab is the differentiation between horizontal and vertical development where horizontal means the acquisition of new skills, and vertical – the widening and the development of the individual potential at depth to achieve significant qualitative improvements in the individual’s levels of mastery.