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This Interactive Training Video Course on Managing Emotions is based on the latest scientific research and is focused on acquiring and developing practical strategies and techniques for managing emotions.


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Alexander Balabanov


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My focus is creating positive transformations on personal, team and organizational levels, which lead to unlocking and tapping into our hidden potentials and achieving the best version of both ourselves and the organizations we work for. My passion is supporting the growth process and the development of opportunities for peak performance. 

My goal is not to satisfy the needs of my clients, it is to amaze them!

I follow an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the latest developments in business practice, as well as in the scientific and academic worlds, where the goal is to find the right and not the easy solution.

The training model is interactive and is based on involving and engaging the audience in the process, as opposed to the inert consuming of information. Thus, through methods of ‘experiential learning‘, the participants become an active and dynamic element of the process, as opposed to passive spectators in a lecture. This approach ensures long-term and sustainable results and creates a stimulating and pleasant learning environment.

Professional and academic path…

The interdisciplinary model that I follow is a direct result of my international academic and professional career. I finished my education in the United Kingdom and gained extensive experience in the corporate world as a marketing manager and business analyst. I lead workshops, seminars and trainings in English and in Bulgarian in companies of various sizes and in various business sectors, as well as throughout Europe as part of the international programs of the European Commission.

I see development as a process and not an end point and therefore I do not stop developing my own skills and knowledge and I am constantly seeking to acquire new. I specialized in international programs for trainers and business coaches in Great Britain, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal, Hungary and Turkey, as well as in annual international projects and forums in various countries in Europe. 

Sustainable progress requires going the extra mile and for this reason I am currently developing a PhD thesis in Performance Optimization together with a world-class team of experts in different fields such as Social Management, Human Resources, Statistics, Finances and Emotional Intelligence.

Dynamix Lab is the official franchise partner for Bulgaria of:

Soldanellenweg 4/13/6

A-1220 Wien

66683 Jean Talon E, 

Suite 336 Montreal,H1S 0A5,

QC, Canada

The partnership with the leading Austrian provider of business training programs supplements the range of training disciplines offered by Dynamix Lab with certification courses following 1BC’s training methodology

  • Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Successful Negotiation
  • Self Management
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Successful Presentations
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The partnership with the global provider of examination and certification services under ISO/IEC 17024 – PECB, complements the range of training disciplines offered by Dynamix Lab with the certification courses: 

  • Information Security
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Quality and Service Management
  • Risk Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainability
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“We are what we repeatedly do; 

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Partners & Clients

What they say about us:


In our collaboration Alexander has proved to be a reliable, flexible and quick to react trainer delivering very well structured and interactive trainings which generate very positive participant experience, no matter delivered in-person or virtually.

Nevena Taneva

HR Management

Alexander was our special lecturer during the UBB Annual Business Conference. His presentation on Emotional Intelligence was a dynamic and intelligent mixture of science, knowledge, practical demonstrations and very relevant humor. 

We really enjoyed his thought provoking appeal, and his vivid  interaction with the audience.

Yana Shkodrova

Chief Expert Learning & Development

It was an absolute pleasure for us to work with Alexander! From our first meeting we saw that we speak the same language and share common views on professionalism, dedication and detail.

Dibla, as a professional industry platform with an established image, has the responsibility to the entire interior sector to provide information on various topics from the best sources. That is why we unequivocally chose to work with the Dynamix Lab team on topics related to personal development, team-work and motivation.

The program, developed specifically for the interior industry by Alexander Balabanov was extremely practically useful, constructive and motivating for the audience of 120+ guests. 

For us as event organizers, working with Dynamix Lab brings complete peace and satisfaction – we know that we work with the best in the sector and we are planning many more joint projects, because we see the results!

Simona Zarkova

Project Manager & Event Manager at
CF 1

Alex brought exceptional professionalism in our trainings, as he contributed with his profound theoretical knowledge and proven practical experience in the fields of emotional intelligence, business planning and public speaking. His elegant attitude to the participants from more than 15 countries is always of utmost importance for their learning experience.
Alex is a team-player, always punctual, cheerful and dependable, which convinces us to work with him in our upcoming events!

Shirin Amin

General Director of Champions Factory International

Alexander took on the difficult task of conducting a sales training program in front of very beginner colleagues as well as people with more than 10 years of successful experience as marketers… It worked so well that in the evaluation form our diverse audience gave 100% in the highest possible scale for “trainer preparedness“.

Alex is charismatic, practically focused on the benefits to the participants and flexible in his approach.

I definitely recommend Mr. Balabanov!

Lazar Malakov

Marketing and Sales Director

We had the honor to work with Alexander Balabanov, who planned and presented several trainings that were strictly in line with the mission and goals of our foundation. 

Alexander impresses with his strictness, responsibility and professionalism. He is a person who does not compromise when it comes to getting the job done. We will be happy to work together again.

Ivan Ivanov

Program Manager

Naturpharma strives not only to apply the highest standards in the production and marketing of its products, but also in maintaining a high level of professionalism for all its employees. That is why we choose to work only with the best professionals in every field and I can sincerely share that Alexander Balabanov belongs to this group of professionals. 

He has conducted a number of trainings for the company’s team such as Time Management and Effective Communication. The latter training was conducted in 4 modules and contributed a great deal to the improvement of medical representatives. 

The training was interactive, with specific examples and tasks that are easily remembered by the representatives and, more importantly, they can be implemented in customer contacts the next day. 

In addition to the training programs for the Naturpharma team, together with Alex, we also held a seminar for our company’s external clients, entitled “The Resonance,” which brought more than 300 people into the hall. Alexander’s professionalism was again evident and his presenter and lecturer skills were highly appreciated by the audience.

Dr. Georgi Ivanov

Manager South East Europe
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We had the pleasure to work with Alexander Balabanov on a project for giving and receiving feedback skills for the managers in our studio. It’s a crucial skill in our daily work and it is very important for us to work with professional high-level trainers/consultants. Alexander embraced this task with great professionalism and managed to engage the audience into the sessions, grabbing their attention.

It is easy to communicate with him, as he is flexible enough and is always well prepared when it comes to team dynamics. 

Aneliya Ilieva


HR Specialist


From my experience so far, I highly valued the diversity of perspectives Alex was using and the different areas he was sourcing knowledge from in order to present in an exciting way how we actually function as individuals, how we develop our relations with others and how we are in power to influence all that. 

The interactive session kept us engaged for every single minute of our time together and we all left at the end with high energy, higher level of understanding and better perception of ownership of our own emotions. I would gladly recommend Alex as a very knowledgeable and diverse individual an organization can partner with and a great trainer.

Dobromira Manasieva


Head of HR and Site Operations Manager of Experian Bulgaria

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We invited Alexander at SoftServe to provide a workshop on “Effective communication” as part of our regular practice to have skilled and experienced external professionals sharing knowledge that bring value to our Team. 

We were really pleased with how he delivered the topic  –  in an interactive and creative way and we were truly impressed with his ability to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of the audience as he had to react appropriately on some last minute circumstances. 

The feedback from the Team was truly positive and we will definitely enjoy having the opportunity to use his services again!

Maria Batcheva

Country HR Business Partner
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We were really impressed by the high levels of professionalism and great attitude of Dynamix Lab towards our objectives and the implementation of the planned trainings. 

The design of the trainings was really flexible and merged several in essence different topics in a very interesting and comprehensive model that was presented during the trainings. The high positive energy levels of the trainer successfully engaged the whole team to actively commit and participate in the program.

Svetlin Bonev

Managing Director

We had the pleasure to organize trainings in several directions and topics with Alexander Balabanov. The trainings were entirely in English and presented not simply theoretical models, but also demonstrated and engaged employees in their actual practical learning and application. 

The design of the trainings was entirely customized and followed the predefined objectives and presented truly innovative models and perspectives in a very engaging and entertaining manner.

Yavor Yordanov

Valdi LKW1

The trainings led by Alexander were tailor-made and prepared precisely for our company. We were very pleasantly surprised by the great interactive and engaging exercises used to illustrate major concepts in communication and team work. 

Alex managed to touch and explicate the key ideas in intelligent, yet very plain and intuitively understandable ways for the whole audience. He is a positive and open minded person and it was a pleasure to work with him.



Are you looking for:

Optimized performance and productivity

achieving sustainable growth and boosting individual, team and organizational productivity and performance

Communication efficiency

optimized and streamlined communication processes and improved movement and flow of ideas and goals

Improved emotional climate

enhanced social, emotional and working environment withing the organization

Reduced stress levels

diminished stress & anxiety and their negative implications on employee effectiveness

Harness unused potential

unlock and harness the untapped potential of individuals and teams

Improved decision-making

improved quality of the decision-making processes and their effectiveness

Increased employee initiative

set up spaces and opportunities for employee initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship

Increased employee motivation

increased levels of employee motivation and loyalty and thus overall job satisfaction and efficiency 

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